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The “Forum for Women in Leadership”, WILL Forum India– is a unique and deeply committed mandate that will bring together senior women executives in leadership positions from across corporate India for an open dialogue on their aspirations, opportunities, nurturing mind-sets, mentoring and harnessing the rewards of collective thinking for improving the workplace in the coming years.

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“Leadership by Proxy” by Poonam Barua is a pioneering book that lays an archival milestone for creating a “brave new mindset” in corporate India and businesses worldwide — that will genuinely embrace “balanced leadership” as a true goal of corporate enterprise, validate and verify equal opportunity before meritocracy, respect inclusive growth for women who form 50% of the world population, and best practices in the workplace that will reject homogenous corporate boards as a fundamental economic function – to bring optimum rewards to business growth and societal progress.

The book is a steady and seminal personal narrative – with compelling corporate anecdotes and case studies – that provide a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of how the women of corporate India have been progressively finding their voices in an unequal corporate world, collectively redefining gender-sensitive leadership, and aspiring for board positions – in hallways that have kept the women out for over 100 years.

The book is recommended reading for all business leaders, professionals, academics, acitivists, ngo’s, women and men– who are looking for insights, perspectives, and roadmaps to build a vibrant common future – where differences are respected, and conservative leadership paradigms are re-defined by real-time changing, dynamic and vibrant stakeholders. “It’s my time now !”

- Foreword Note by -
Mr. N.R Narayana Murthy
Founder, Infosys Limited

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